Referencing Material From Electronic Sources

Referencing electronic sources (sources found on the Internet) is often confusing for students.  Here is my interpretation from looking at the American Psychological Association’s web site: to how to reference such sources.

If you are going to cite a particular web cite and you intend is to essentially have the reader consult the entire cite, provide the address (URL) in the text body and do not put it in the reference list.  Indeed, I did this here with the address of the apa web site.  If, however, you are going to cite a journal article retrieved from the Internet, reference it as you would any article by including the author(s) and date in the body of your report.  In the reference section provide the usual information about the article, e.g., (hanging inends are preferrable)

Rufuss, J. J. (1992), My life as a pet therapist. Journal of Foolish Information in Psychology, 14, 345-379.   Retrieved June 22, from the World Wide Web: rufuss.html.

If you are citing something written by someone that isn’t from a journal article cite it like a book as below.

Teetotaler, W. M. (2007),  Weight loss on a martini diet.  Bumpus, VA: American Martini Society.  Retrieved July 19th, 2007, from the World Wide Web:

Good luck.


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